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Customer Service: 716-388-9221

Address:  167 Clarence Ave. 

Buffalo, N.Y 14215 


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Close2DaEdge PC 

Technology Solutions

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Close2DaEdge PC Technology Solutions 

Close2daedge PC Technology Solutions primary purpose is to link the technological skills in America & Worldwide. Located in New York, New York, which is an ethnically diverse low-income community that has been largely growing in the economic boom that has transformed several businesses & neighboring communities. Close2daedge PC Technology Solutions offers a broad range of technology-related services that focuses are to allow all people in our communities to participate in the rapid growth of educational and economic opportunities created by information technologies.


Our IT Consultant are 24/7 ready to take your call

We stock inventory such as Kingston Technology, OEM (Original Equipment Manufactures)Software & hard drives, Custom built Gamer PC's and Servers, Memory, Security Systems & Licenses etc. Close2DaEdge PC Technology Solutions  specializes in  products by Asus technology which is one of the biggest motherboard, graphic card, notebook and mobile hardware designers in the Information Technology industry, because they always offer up-to-date technology and support for their products.

Call Us Now! (716) 388-9221     24/7


We plan to make sales through email marketing & from the company website, which we're a 3rd party company of the manufacture. I’ll also employ for my company through email marketing & flyers

Committed to Quality and Security


All purchases of services will be billed by invoices, must have PayPal to purchase our products and services.

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We've served many agencies with price quotes and discounted G​OV. purchases. We're registered in the Sam database for Contracts and Rewards!


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